I had good intentions

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I re-started my blog to keep in touch and update everyone on our “so exciting” life… but alas I have failed. Maybe it is because our life it so not exciting.

Daycare drop off. work. gym. daycare pickup. dinner. happy laughs. crying. whining. bed.

That’s about it.. ok good night!



I’m kind of kidding . We are busy in a good way. It’s just busy after work. Thankfully we are the parents that put our kids to bed at 7p.m.  Our kid play hard and sleep hard.

So a quick update. Sloan is 9 months. She crawls all over. She absolutely loves to pull herself up on anything/everything. Her teething situation has been not great. She is so different from Piper it’s just all new but she’s so different than Piper it’s so fun. She’s a very smiley girl.

Piper just turned 4. I have never met a more imaginative, spunky, intelligent kid. She’s already so driven (stubborn) I can’t even get mad at it because she inspires me so much! She keeps us on our toes! Her birthday was last week but we are still celebrating her birthday. She deserves it.

I am excited for the summer and spending the nights outside in our backyard. What are you all excited for!?



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