As Sloan is getting older her schedule has been so wacky. She literally just started “sleeping through the night” this last week. And by sleeping through the night all you mommas and poppas know that means 6 hours straight. It has been making a world of difference around here! I don’t remember it taking Piper this long to get a good “sleep schedule”. B keeps reassuring me that this is what it was like with Piper when she was little. Um…I do not for the life of me remember it like that. I remember Piper going to bed at 7 pm, falling asleep and not waking up until 7 am. Yep, that’s how I remember it. Once I went back to work Piper slept through the night….or so I thought. I didn’t nurse Piper as long as I have been able to nurse Sloan. I do not remember getting a bottle for Piper in the middle of the night. Not once. B has informed me that I am, in fact, incorrect in this and that he knows we fed her at night…..just the same as we haven been with Sloan.
Why does pregnancy brain not go away after pregnancy! I truly feel as though my brain has turned to mush. It can be so extremely frustrating. The only upside has been I only remember the positive stuff……which can be nice. 
And I thank God for the throwback memories on Facebook! 
What do you ladies think… does “pregnancy brain” ever go away?? 


2 thoughts on “Forgetfulness 

  1. This is how i felt with Allison! That it took her much longer than Jack (who also took forever!) to sleep through the night…so I guess it’s just a mish-mash after you survive it 🙂


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