Eating is what I do best

I love to cook. After B and I got married I loved trying new recipes making a large, kinda healthy, dinner every night while I drank my bottle, er glass of wine. I would make sauces from scratch and became obsessed with tomato, mozzarella and balsamic salads (literally every night). It was sooo relaxing.

Fast forward 6 years and I would have to say things have changed. I don’t get to spend a lot of time on meals, I have to keep in mind I’m cooking for a three year old and a thirty something year old… each are picky in their own way. I have always wanted to try meal planning and ones where I can cook ahead (like that’s even possible!) to be “prepared” but the only ones I found were very meat and potato types of meals. No one in our household eats that kind of food. Seriously Piper is the only 3 year old I know that HATES potatoes. It’s unreal.

Finally last January when I got out of the first trimester “I can’t move and barely keep my eye open phase” I found this site on Pinterest for “healthy weekly meal plans”. I checked out the site and saw they what I was looking for and “pinned” about thirty of them to a board asap AND signed up for their newsletter. It’s an amazing source to have a quick and easy healthy meal to make after work. It’s so easy to plan our weeks now. I still only make about 4-5 meals a week, we can do leftovers one day a work week and the weekends we can do what we feel like since I have a little more time to cook (or else we get something else so I don’t have to cook at all) either way is a win for me.

If you are having trouble coming up with different meals or want to try something new seriously check this site out. They always have a meatless day, which has been nice to try more veggie meal options, and surprisingly good and filling. The meals are quick, easy and my favorite part is it’s not wasteful. I make enough food for our family, we rarely have leftovers and the recipes during the same week will usually use up ingredients so you aren’t wasting anything (example one recipe might call for pineapple chunks and then another recipe calls for pineapple juice, in the same week!) Also I have found that trying to eat healthy can make your grocery bill go up and with this I have been able to plan out our shopping list for the week and get what we need. It’s made cooking fun again and the best part is it’s stress free. Also Piper eats what we eat I don’t have to make her anything separate which is the best part.



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